What Separates Melba Toast From Some Great Football Coaches

By: Jeff Heisner

Watching a number of football games over the holidays (or as sports fans like to call it “The Bowl Season,”) prompted me to write this blog.

As the clock wound down to 0:00, I saw one head coach so over-joyed he was high steping to mid-field after being drenched by a gatorade shower and seconds later dead-pan, refusing to make eye contact with the reporter and even frowning during his post-game interview.  And this was the winning coach.

I went from feeling good about his team and what just happened to wondering what’s wrong with this guy?

Courteys: KVAL.com

Whether he likes it or not, the coach is a salesman for the university.

He needs to bring in the donors, and players to have any kind of success.

The monotone and robotic answers while staring at the ground at one of the highest moments he could have is not going to sell his program.

This situation was awkward and the lessons you can learn are limited to the sports world.

When you get interviewed or give a speech, you are representing yourself and your business.

You want to be likable and approachable in public, a pleasant smile and eye contact go a long way.

A smile during an interview or a speech can usually take care of a lot of problems you might have.

It will make you look and sound better, as well as bump up your energy level.

Courtesy: Sportsgrid.com

While some football coaches like Nick Saban, Chip Kelly, and of course Bill Belichick have enjoyed great success on the field, their media interviews are as boring and bland as melba toast.

Don’t make melba toast seem exciting, SMILE!