Video News Service

Your client in the Arizona market has a large event, it could be a ribbon cutting or a large charitable donation, and they are hoping for news coverage. As the PR Professional, you realize newsrooms have limited resources for these types of events. That’s where we can help.

Let BottomLine Media Coaching cover the story for you. We can shoot the video and get interviews, so your client has it available for their website or social media pages. We can also turn it around quickly so you can deliver the YouTube link to the media for download.

Fixed Pricing

  • VO/SOTS (News style editing, includes; natural sound (clapping, cheering etc..) b-roll and soundbites) 48 hour turnaround                                                            $400


  • Quick turnaround VO/SOTS (Put together in a format news stations can easily edit with, includes b-roll and soundbites) available ASAP, uploaded to YouTube page                                                                                                                        $600


  • Reporter Package 48-72 hour turnaround                                                         $800



Quick Turnaround VO/SOTS for news organizations to edit from:

Reporter Package: