Public Speaking Coaching

“But I… never could make a good impromptu speech without several hours to prepare it.”  ~Mark Twain, 1879 speech

Whether you are addressing an audience of 500 or presenting to a group of 5 potential clients you need to make sure your audience is engaged, interested and informed. BottomLine Media Coaching will take your presentation skills to the next level.

We are experienced speakers ourselves and have worked with a variety of presenters. From beginners with severe stage fright; to business people who have experience speaking, but no training; to those who speak for a living and want to perfect their craft.

Our public speaking sessions and packages are individualized but cover these main areas:

  • Audience warm-up
  • Putting on a show
  • Message preparation
  • Body language
  • Eye-contact
  • Crutch words, phrases & movements
  • Audience involvement
  • Using props & visual aides

We put our clients on camera so skills can be reviewed and the presenter can see themselves. We also provide opportunities for the speaker to get in front of a live audience.