Media Coaching

” Television is not a gimmick, and nobody will ever be elected to major office without presenting themselves well on it.” Roger Ailes (media expert) to Richard Nixon, 1968

Whether you are being elected to a major office, looking to make a name in your industry or your home town, media is the key.
Through individualized coaching, and on camera mock interviews we can teach you how to work with it, so it doesn’t work against you.

News Interviews:

You will learn skills like staying on point, speaking comfortably and conversationally, and how to speak in sound bites that won’t end up on the editing room floor.

Live Interviews:

Live interviews are a whole different ballgame. Along with the above mentioned skills, you will learn the difference between live interviews and recorded interviews, how to stay on point and the best way to present yourself when live.

Confrontational Interviews:

When it comes to this type of interview it is all about knowing what will happen before it hap-pens; staying cool under pressure and answering questions that show forward thinking not gut reactions. You will learn how to stay on point and deliver the message you want the public to hear.

Crisis Planning & Response:

We can help you customize a plan focused on the “what if‘s” that loom for your particular com-pany. From recalls to tragic accidents, your company’s future depends on how you respond.

Live Talk Show Interviews & Product Demonstrations:

From local TV to the networks and cable; the talk show format is a popular way to get products and services seen and talked about. We have the experience you need to deliver the types of segments that will have producers asking you back over and over again.

Live Cooking Segments:

TV Chefs are all the rage, but putting on a live cooking demonstration isn’t as easy as it looks. We can teach you how to put on a segment that will not only demonstrate your cooking skills, but keep your host engaged and viewers entertained.

Last Minute Coaching:

Just got a call and they want an interview today? We can help with last minute coaching in per-son, via skype, phone or email.