Over Confidence Can Kill You

By Jodie Heisner

Okay so I am dipping back into my news days with the sensational headline, while it cannot kill you literally, it can kill your career.

My media background and current gig as a media coach means I also consult with a lot of PR Professionals. I hear a common complaint, “my clients won’t take my constructive criticism.”

BottomLine: If you are doing business/expert media interviews, you are probably not a media professional. Chances are, it is not the main function of your job. It is new to you and you do it on an irregular basis. That being the case, why would you not accept constructive criticism from a person you are paying to help with your image?

One of the common responses… “My friends (employees/family) said I did great.” Yes, yes, of course they did. What else are they going to say? They love you/respect you and want you to feel good.

Here are the top reasons you need to listen to your PR Professional’s Advice:

  • Your PR person has your image and their image in mind. It is one in the same, you look bad, they look bad. When they review your interviews they want only the best for you, because it also reflects well on them.
  • You are paying them. They risk offending you and losing you as a client when they share that criticism. That is how important it is to them.
  • They are a professional in the industry. They understand what reporters/producers/editors are looking for and want you to be able to deliver it.

When working with clients I often find the person that lacks a little confidence is the best student and improves the most. That being said, push the ego aside. So you didn’t do well during your first interview or two, your PR Pro recommends media training. So what! Suck it up and accept it. Thank them for their honesty, it wasn’t easy for them to share that with you.

When you open yourself up to the possibility that you need to improve and could use some help, you grow closer to creating that confident image you want and knocking interviews out of the park.