Learn How to Communicate to a Middle Schooler

By: Jeff Heisner

If you want your message to be well received the next time you are speaking channel your inner-middle schooler.

I’m not asserting you should bust out OMG, LOL, or BFF in your next speech or media interview, however I am saying you need to make sure your message is understandable to as many people as possible.


Courtesy: Mytown Mercury News

Don’t think of this as dumbing your down message, nor that your audience is stupid.

Newspapers aim their writing at an 8th grade level.

Network TV shows aim their programming at a 6th grade level.

They understand the message needs to be simplified with relevant and relatable references and analogies.

Remember Dennis Miller?

The comedian made his living on obscure references that made you laugh out loud like, “one man’s Voltaire is another man’s Screech.”

Other times it was just plain confusing, leaving you wondering “what did he just say.”

Some of Miller’s analogies were so obscure the old Britannica (encyclopedia) couldn’t help.

Somehow, Miller made it work, but he may be the last person to employ so many cryptic jokes.

For your next speech or media interview leave out Millerisms, you don’t want your audience scratching their heads.

It’s also a good idea to get rid of the jargon, and technical talk.

And if you are thinking about trying to impress your audience with an expansive vocabulary… don’t!

You should be looking for mass appeal, so break it down like a middle schooler.