Going LIVE, Not as Scary as it Sounds

Many of my clients tell me doing a LIVE interview is one of the most terrifying prospects they can imagine, and while it can be intimidating, there are a number of benefits to LIVE TV/Radio.

The biggest benefit is that you have much more control over a live interview than a taped one. A taped interview is edited and you can bet, it will be the soundbites the reporter wants to use, not bites you would pick.

During a live interview you have several minutes of unedited air time to share your messages with your audience (your clients and potential clients.) A taped story typically lasts 1 minute 15 seconds (or less) compared to a live interview, which can range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.

Will the reporter ask all the questions you are hoping for? No, probably not. But they don't have to, because a properly trained spokesperson knows how to answer the reporters questions and navigate back to their main messages.

So while they might seem scary at first, a live interview is actually a goldmine for a business owner. More time on the air, more control over what your audience hears, and possibly more promotion for the interview itself.

Still don't feel ready for your live debut? Email me jodie.heisner@bottomlinemediacoaching.com We'll get you there.