“What should I wear?”

One of the biggest questions I receive both as a reporter and now as a media coach is; “what should I wear?”
Wearing black is a No, no!

It may seem funny, but when faced with a media segment people automatically think, not of what they will say or who they will direct their message to, but of their appearance. This question most often comes from women (followed by how should I do my hair and make-up) but you’d be surprised at how many men also inquire about attire.

While the answer to this question does of course depends on the person, here are some of the basics I suggest to all my clients.
Clothing: Business Casual. Steer clear of anything flowing, baggy or oversized. Clothing that is fitted (not tight) will make you appear thinner. Jackets with seams that curve in also help create a hour glass figure. V-necks and scoop-necks are flattering for most women. If you are a professional that typically wears a uniform, wear it.
Jewelry: Stay away from necklaces, earrings, ring and bracelets that are overly shiny or make much noise when you move. Keep it simple. Use it to add color pops to neutrals.

Make-up: Do it like you are going out at night. Darken-up those eyes and lips. Bring gloss and powder to the shoot and use as needed.

Clothing: For most men appearing as an expert in the media a button down shirt with a tie and slacks is appropriate. I suggest the shirt is colored, light blue or light green work well. Ties should either be a sold bold color or have a subtle pattern in a bold color. Men, if you choose to wear a Polo make sure it is the correct size. Often men wear shirts a size or two too large.
If your profession typically calls for a suit or uniform, wear it.

Men & Women
Color: Solid bold colors are the way to go. Bright blue’s & reds are best for most skin tones. Pastels also look good on most, but can give a passive feel. Stay away from patterns and stripes (They can play tricks with the camera and distract viewers.)
Hair: Hair style and color is very much dependent on the person, but I will say, you should stick with one signature style for all your media appearances.

I hope this puts your mind at ease, so you can work on your message and how you will deliver it.

Still have questions? I can help with your media message or appearance, feel free to contact me at Jodie.Heisner@BottomlineMediaCoaching.com