Avoiding an epic meltdown in your presentation

Transformer director, Michael Bay’s specialty is blowing things up on a epic scale for the big screen.

Recently at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Bay was the one imploding after his performance.

You’ve probably seen this video of his meltdown where he got so flustered he walked off the stage.


Bay’s stage fright has become the butt of numerous jokes for the late night talk shows.

To avoid a Bay-like disaster, here are three tips to ensure you get back on track in case things start to go wrong on a live presentation…

  • Don’t “JUST WING IT” as Bay said he would do.  Be prepared, so that when the worst happens you can handle it.  Preparation is the key.  If you are giving a presentation you must know those messages and talking points you prepared.
  • Be composed and confident.  Anything live can be overwhelming, but knowing your messages and being prepared should help instill confidence you need when talking in front of a group.  Make sure you breathe and do your best to relax, so the butterflies don’t get the best of you.
  • It’s never a good idea to walk off stage.  If you get flustered take a moment to regroup your thoughts and then continue with your message.