“The training that Jeff and Jodie provided to me was incredibly valuable. In one afternoon they taught me skills that I have been employing regularly since. They are professional, very attentive to detail and instruct in a friendly, effective manner that yields solid takeaways. They have great insider tips from their backgrounds in TV and broadcast media. For anyone that regularly works with the media – or who wants to be prepared for unexpectedly having a camera thrust in your face – this training is critical. I highly recommend their services.”

Sean Donovan, VP Media & Program Development
Tempe Chamber of Commerce

"I encourage others to consider Jeff and BottomLine for their public speaking and media coaching needs. Jeff worked closely with me to both fine tune and dramatically improve my skills in these areas. His approach was everything you'd want in a consultant: flexible, needs-based, and high-quality."

Raoul Encinas
IT Executive

"I wanted to share our very positive experience working with Jeff and Jodie Heisner. They trained several of our key staff to better address the media, as well as helping us develop key talking points... I am sure you will find them professional and a good investment in your company."

Cindy Carpenter, Founder
Cortney's Place

“Jodie is an excellent media coach. I have been doing media presentations for many years without formal training. She refined my skills and gave me the tools to assist me in making my latest speech, presentations and interviews their finest.”

Lauri Leadley, President
Valley Sleep Center

“Jodie is a great media coach. Because of her TV background, she’s able to give you insight and tips on how to present yourself better. She’s honest yet encouraging and I definitely saw results.”

Deborah Topcik, Director of Marketing
Z’Tejas, Inc.

"After working with one of my clients who never had media exposure before seeing her, he got an influx of interview requests and even compliments from reporters saying "You are a pro at this!" This is all thanks to BottomLine Media Coaching's professionalism, expertise and genuine interest in the success of her clients. I'd highly recommend him to any business, non-profit or spokesperson looking to be a sought after interview subject for their organization.”

Charlotte Shaff, Owner
The Media Push

"I can breathe a sigh of relief when I know he has worked with a guest prior to them appearing on the show. His clients are always prepared, well spoken with clear messaging. I highly recommend him for media coaching and training.”

Denise Naughton, Producer
National Syndicated Show