About BottomLine Media Coaching

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BottomLine Media Coaching is run by Jeff Heisner operating with more than two decades of media experience under their belts. That experience is vast; from producing newscasts and talk shows, to covering major sporting events, and special projects.

Not only does this team possess valuable behind the scenes knowledge, they’ve been in front of the camera as well.

On air expertise is a valuable asset. Having been the ones asking the questions we are equipped to provide the tool set you need to ensure a successful media interview.

Our coaching can teach you what you need to know to stay on point, appear professional and comfortable, while handling tough questions.  Our guidance will have the media asking for repeat appearances and turning to you for your expertise.

It is rare to find media training that includes product demonstrations, talk show interviews and live cooking demonstrations. It provides you a unique opportunity to get a leg up by utilizing dozens of local and network talk shows across the country to spread the word about your company. We know what the producers of these shows are looking for and can teach you how to deliver it.

While a public relations company is a key part of marketing your business, knowing what to do with the media opportunities they provide is key. Utilize our experience and let us help prepare you for any media scenario you might face.