What to Keep OUT of Your Media Messages

Your message. First of all, yes, you need to have one. Winging it is not an option. In fact, before you do your interview I suggest you have 3 main messages or talking points. But how do you decide what those messages will be?

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you work to develop your messages:

What are the most important things for your audience to hear? Give them advice they can use TODAY. Advice that will show them you know your stuff.

What will the reporter ask? Sit back and think about what you would ask yourself. Have someone else pretend to be a reporter. Give them the subject and see what questions they come up with.

What are some real life examples that help explain your point? Don’t speak in technical terms, speak in people. Tell me about you or your client’s real life experiences instead of speaking in hypotheticals.

Is your message interesting to those outside your industry? Test it out on some industry outsiders. Do they get it? Do they want to know more? or Are they yawning? Are their eyes glazed over?

Your messages should NOT contain:

A top ten list of the best things about your company. (Don’t laugh I just saw this on a local talk show.)

The address for your new location or your new website.

The details of your upcoming sale or latest deal.

The When, Where, details of an upcoming event.

What I am getting at is that this is not a commercial. You are being interviewed for your expertise in your field. It will lead to a return on investment, but not in the “call now” type way. If you do your job and gain the viewers trust, they will go to your website, they will see your latest deal or the details of the event and they will come and spend money. As you develop your messages, do it as the industry professional you are, not as a used car sales man.